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Bio Green Tacoma is a locally owned and operated professional Bio Green Natural Fertilization Service utilizing patent pending natural fertilizer products blended by Bio Green USA Inc. for Lawns, Shrubs, Trees, Flowers and Gardens. We also offer moss, weed and pest control services.  Our service area includes Pierce County in Tacoma, Washington. 

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I wanted to take the opportunity to let you how fabulous the results of your product Bio Green have been in my yard!  The changes in the plantings are amazing with some items that I thought were lost reappearing with health and vigor and the grass has never looked better.  This grass is probably more than a 40 year old turf and was suffering mightily.  But using BioGreen for the last 9 months or so has radically changed its appearance and health.  I foresee not mowing continually and no need for extra water.

In the house, my plants have benefited from monthly applications and are experiencing more growth than I have seen in years.

This spring has been wonderful to watch in my yard with all the new greenness and fullness of the deciduous items and the increase in size of the evergreens.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Please don’t ever stop supplying this service to the region.

Sincerely ~ L. Anderson, Tacoma, WABio Green Tacoma


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